July 14, 2010

Random stuff.

I discovered I like it Rise Against today!! Well, the one song I heard. But I almost started crying. I listened to Hero of War....It's so sad....

I miss the play. It comes back in two days. 

I got a mp3 player today. It's black. It has odd music on it. Avril Lavine (however you spell it), Tom Petty, A band that I can't think of the name of but the songs mostly involve "it's raining wine", Hey There Delilah, A song about Boston or something(I think it's called 'Boston' Talk about creative names), Rehab, Everyone Wants to Rule the World (huh?) and some other random stuff. Oh yeah, and TOKIO HOTEL! That's the only thing that's mine.

My headphones are broken and sound only comes from one ear.

Today I built stuff and painted stuff and worked on the pageant set.

I sleep on the couch because there's a biting spider that now lives in my bed.

I want something with sugar in it.

I have Reden stuck in my head. And Thema Nr.1. And Automatic. I always get a bunch of songs at a time stuck in my head. People are like, "Oh then listen to a new song" when I do my brain is like "Awesome! Add it to the list!" And the songs are all playing AT THE SAME TIME.

Now it is 1:30 AM.

PS after some searching I found out what EveryoneWTRTW is. It's by Tears for Fears or something. I was very confused at first.


Alemrac said...

I like random posts.

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Lilii said...

Hehe, of course. Anyway, hi toria :)
I'z Wisegirl from Newmoon :D