July 5, 2010

How to make a sparkle pic in a lot of steps.

First, fill the screen black 

It has to be pure black. Then click on brush and set it to scatter and flow 100%
So animated brushes. Click the snow one. It will take a very long time to load, though.
Add a new layer and draw in white all over it. Duplicate it twice (layer-duplicate) then click the bottom (1 up from the black one) and go to Filters-
Blur-linear blur. St it to X 100% Y0% quality 7 and continues. Duplicate it to make it brighter. 

go to the next layer up and do linear blur with the same settings but X0% and Y100%. Duplicate that one too.
Almost done.....New layer then find a gradient you like and fill the layer with it.
Then, where it says normal click overlay and.......
Yay! Comment with a link to yours and I'll post it and link to you!



Mankato Homeschooling Examiner said...

I love this tutorial! How did you learn to do screencaps? I don't even know how to do screencaps. I love how homeschool kids can learn so much cool stuff without any adult interference. ;)

Alemrac said...

Okay, I went to the Sumopaint website...But do I have to make an account to make a picture like you did?

Tiger Girl said...

If you don't have an account, the only save is to computer and if you get one you can save it online. Also if you want the app to be a popup window, click Launch Sumo. And if your computer blocks popups, erase everything after the .com, then type /app and it'll open in your tabs bar.

Alemrac said...

Okay, thanks. :D

Ummmmmmmm...Do you know if this site is completely free of viruses?

Tiger Girl said...

I swear its safe. No popups or even ads. I'm torkalinka, by the way.


Alemrac said...

Okay, thanks. :)
I know you're Torkalinka...:)
I'm also known as Mikabird.

Anonymous said...

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