December 27, 2007


what did you get for Christmas?
I got some clothes, 3 books, a crayon box,
a picture of a tiger (in a frame),
seaweed, a Barbie doll,
an art box, and purple string


December 21, 2007

Home school

How do you do home school ?

Three things I learned in home school

1 how to make erasers

2 11 x11 = 121

3 what equinox is

~~~Tiger queen~~~

December 20, 2007

A poem by me 4

My Dragon

I have a Dragon
his scales are red
and when I'm hungry
he toasts my bread.

December 19, 2007


If you had a horse what would you
call him/her?

~~~Tiger queen~~~

Holiday Traditions

Do you have any Holiday family traditions?

We go to our grandma's house for Christmas.

What do you do?

~~~Tiger queen~~~

A poem by me 3

My clock

Tick tock tick tock goes my
Little black clock

Tock tick tock tick
goes my clock
When he is sick.

~~~Tiger queen~~~

A poem by me 2

Butter on bred

Butter on bred ,

Jelly on toast ,

Yo're the one ,

I like the most.

December 18, 2007


Q why dont chimps play card games?

A because there are to Manny cheetahs!

Q why didn't the skeleton cross the road?

A he didn't have the guts!

Q whats a flies least favorite drink?

A apple spider!

HA HA!!! ~~~Tiger queen~~~

A poem by me

"A message"

"You shouldn't kill or harm or hurt the worm that


in the dirt."

by Tiger queen.

Cool books and movies


Me and my cat?

The great kapok tree

George' marvelous medicine

Ramona qumby age 8

Utterly me,Clarice Bean

Surfs up

March of the penguins

Chitty chitty bang bang


"Hope you like some of them!!"

~~~Tiger queen~~~

December 17, 2007

About me

Hi everyone and thanks for reading my blog. I am 9. I like to swim , climb trees , read , play soccer
( and just about any other sport imaginable ) , ice skate and build snowmen.

I will write poems , stories , jokes , tell you about my day , and answer questions.

feel free to leave comments.

bye! ~~~tiger queen~~~