July 25, 2010

Sub-dermal Hematoma

I have a Sub-dermal Hematoma, so I can't blog. Sorry.


July 24, 2010

Book contest! Yay!

The 17 in 17 book contest!



I might post again later.

July 23, 2010

REQUEST: Justin Bieber

I tried. I really did. I am sorry.


July 22, 2010

Girl with dragon

There ya go. ;)
And there's a random person.



I decided to start drawing in MS Paint today. I drew a dragon. 
It doesn't really look like a dragon.
And here is what used to be a very detailed picture of a girl holding flowers, but stupid paint saved it as a jpg and now its bad. 

Anyway, any requests?


July 19, 2010



I love contests. Also can anyone speak German? (random)

I think I will assign my posts a day. Like, random stuff on Tuesday. Or something.

My entry.....

On my wedding day, as I dressed,

I remembered the queen's bed and wondered

What kind of prince chooses a bride 

For how well she can feel a pea with her butt?!
Not a good one, I decided, and I left.

It's not good but I had fun with it, anyway. You can see details for entering here

July 14, 2010

Random stuff.

I discovered I like it Rise Against today!! Well, the one song I heard. But I almost started crying. I listened to Hero of War....It's so sad....

I miss the play. It comes back in two days. 

I got a mp3 player today. It's black. It has odd music on it. Avril Lavine (however you spell it), Tom Petty, A band that I can't think of the name of but the songs mostly involve "it's raining wine", Hey There Delilah, A song about Boston or something(I think it's called 'Boston' Talk about creative names), Rehab, Everyone Wants to Rule the World (huh?) and some other random stuff. Oh yeah, and TOKIO HOTEL! That's the only thing that's mine.

My headphones are broken and sound only comes from one ear.

Today I built stuff and painted stuff and worked on the pageant set.

I sleep on the couch because there's a biting spider that now lives in my bed.

I want something with sugar in it.

I have Reden stuck in my head. And Thema Nr.1. And Automatic. I always get a bunch of songs at a time stuck in my head. People are like, "Oh then listen to a new song" when I do my brain is like "Awesome! Add it to the list!" And the songs are all playing AT THE SAME TIME.

Now it is 1:30 AM.

PS after some searching I found out what EveryoneWTRTW is. It's by Tears for Fears or something. I was very confused at first.

July 13, 2010

Jonas: Beautiful Dead REVIEW!

This is my first review, so yeah. And I'm a bad writer. And speller. 
Jonas: Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire

"Not alive. Not dead. Somewhere in between lie the Beautiful Dead. 

Something strange is happening in Ellerton High. Jonas, Arizona, Summer and Phoenix. All dead within a year.

Jonas Jonson is the first to die, in a motorcycle accident. But there are many unanswered questions, and the three deaths that follow are equally mysterious.

Grief-stricken Darina can't escape her heartache or visions of her dead boyfriend, Phoenix, and the others who died. And all the while, the sound of beating wings echoes in her head...

Are the visions real? Or do the Beautiful Dead only exist in Darina's traumatized imagination?"

(That took a long time to type. :P )

I really liked it. I was reading until 2:30 AM. :D I liked the characters (well the ones I'm supposed to. I'm also really weirdly obsessed with Eve.), the idea, everything. I know I'm supposed to, but I can't think of any real cons. A tiny bit too much romance maybe. I mean, I don't mind romance, but it seemed like every sentence had "we kissed again." I didn't mind much, though. The ending was kind of a surprise to me, but I can't say any more. Spoilers, ya know. I get surprised by everything though, so don't take my word for it. 


And I know it should add up to 100 or something but I don't care. :D


 (In case my amazingly awesome picture fails to load, 4 1/2)



contest! And.....

Here is an awesome book contest. 

You're welcome.

Also, I've been inspired by all the amazing book reviewers, and I think I will start reviewing books. I'll have to re-read or or post ones I *just* read so I can do a good review. Because I love you. Or something. I'll start with.........Jonas Beautiful Dead! Tomorrow.

And I want to be able to buy myself YA books to review, but my allowance was cut and I need to save up $500. That will kind of cut down on book money.


July 10, 2010



This has been a weeeeiiiirrrd day......we performed LIW again, and got such serious storms that they said over the speakers

"please leave in an orderly line now and go to a shelter!!!! Now!!!!"


I won signed Shiver.......misheard mom

Book contest!

I love books. And contests. And here's one! it's 1:30 now so I'm even less awake. I should go to bed and stop blogging. :P

ps tell me if you know of any more contests. I don't even care if there's a prize. XD

The first play performance.

Hi.It's 1 am so 'm not so awesome at typing right now, but today was our first show for the LIW  play. I will post some pictures later, if I can. I got sick because of a really weird dare. I don't know why I agreed. I can't not follow a dare though. Anyway it involved worms*. And I'll email you the awesome details if you want.

*Yes, gummy.

-Toria the famous

July 7, 2010

Win Linger!!!

I love Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, as many of you know, and there is a contest to win a signed copy of book 2!! http://frankiediane.blogspot.com/2010/07/signed-linger-giveaway.html Oh, and it mentions Harry Potter a lot. I think some of you (Anna!) like it, so yeah. And it's funny. 

Follow, comment with who you'd cast for Grace and Sam in the movie and mention me! :D 


300 veiws

I just looked and I have 304 views. That's pretty cool, since I don't even know 300 people. I have some questions for you.

How did you find this blog? Poll that way. >>>
I have 2 secret followers. Who ARE you?
Do I know you?


July 5, 2010

How to make a sparkle pic in a lot of steps.

First, fill the screen black 

It has to be pure black. Then click on brush and set it to scatter and flow 100%
So animated brushes. Click the snow one. It will take a very long time to load, though.
Add a new layer and draw in white all over it. Duplicate it twice (layer-duplicate) then click the bottom (1 up from the black one) and go to Filters-
Blur-linear blur. St it to X 100% Y0% quality 7 and continues. Duplicate it to make it brighter. 

go to the next layer up and do linear blur with the same settings but X0% and Y100%. Duplicate that one too.
Almost done.....New layer then find a gradient you like and fill the layer with it.
Then, where it says normal click overlay and.......
Yay! Comment with a link to yours and I'll post it and link to you!



Blue sparkles! 
Slightly different blue sparkles
Okay, I need a new color.
That's to make up for my not posting on the 4th. I was to busy lighting stuff on fire. (lots of stuff, but not any fireworks.)


July 4, 2010

Sparkle pictures

I made them on www.sumopaint.com .....I saw a really cool pic, so I decided to try and make my own.

I always liked this shade of green...
This reminds me of Dust. Like in The Amber Spyglass....
And this is just random...

Sorry they're so tiny.

July 2, 2010

If I can link to your blog, comment

'Cause I made a list of blogs, but I need permission.....So if I can link to you, comment.

July 1, 2010


I got a twitter yesterday.....mom said I should and there's no age limit, but I'm secret and you have to click request to follow. I'm Torkalinka and my picture is of the snake 'cause I like snakes.....and yeah.. Follow me, I guess.