April 29, 2011


it's been a long time since I blogged a picture here, so...


like it?

April 27, 2011


I got my uniform for Tae Kwon Do! :D
sorry, super small pic :/

It's so fun. Next week we learn to spar. The teacher said "you'll get hit until you know enough to block" I love fighting so I'm super excited =D

I'll be 13 in 4 days!!!

April 22, 2011


I made my blog all flowery and aiw. YAY, and I started a new blog http://opossumsauce.blogspot.com/
here's a lake :3

April 20, 2011


  • I *was* doing screen free week but the painters are in and I'm too moody to continue.
  • I'm taking loads of NOH8 pictures. Yay gay rights!
  • I LOVE 80'S MUSIC!!!!
  • My birthday is in 10 days. NO ONE IS COMING EXCEPT ME!!! AAAAAK!
  • Alex just screamed "WHAT! I have 10 fingers!?!?!?!?!"
  • so you know how I have a red cell phone that was a quarter from an uber-rich girl? well I found my cell phone's number and called it and some lady screamed "WHO'S THERE!?" and I giggled and hung up.
  • http://geckoprincess.blogspot.com/
  • I'm thinking of starting a kid photographer blog...hmm

I'm out of things to say so I'll post pictures
A waterfall. 
No matter how old I get, I shall never tire of playing scream-and-throw-sticks-in-a-waterfall. Or Kick-the-concrete.

 Another good game is run outside in the rain and spit on stuff

April 17, 2011


I was taking pictures today and I decided to go to the raised garden beds and I saw this little guy ^_^ He's pop his head up, stare at me, duck down and hide for 10 seconds and do it again x3
Isn't he adorable?

April 11, 2011

April 7, 2011


 My attack kitten
 Squirrel peeling the bark off a tree to get sap
Awesome Junco :D