August 23, 2010


Hello. I like blogging. But I can't upload pics now. :( I don't like blogging without pics. Hmmpf. Well heres (in order) what I did today

  • Woke up
  • hung streamers
  • cleaned for like, 8 hours for the stupid tax person.
  • saw car pull up, take pictures of our house
  • went outside and hid in bushes from tax person
  • got bored
  • decided to spy on tax person
  • heard tax person leave
  • went inside
  • got on computer
  • started watching Howl's Moving Castle
  • had to stop
  • made brownies
  • ate melon and chips
  • lay on couch looking dramatic because of headache
  • ate dinner
  • got on computer

So, yeah.

cat person.

It's kind of boring. You can color it in I guess.

August 21, 2010


I'm finally updating. You're welcome. It's really late, so no cometary. Except that the drawings ar by me. Thats it :p

this is my mp3. you get lots of points if you know who this is.

ok. I'd do more but it's 2:42. in the morning so byeee 

August 8, 2010

News and pics

This is a kitten.

This is me, my sister and my friend at the park  

 and again.
This is me in a tree.

 This is a cool cloud
Anna with a cup of cider at the last day of the play

 a evil tree
 Tokio the kitten we rescued from a cage but not the one at the top

 a cat charm I carved from an avocado pit
 heart charm I carved from an avocado pit
 Spider web
 a plant
 a bit of meteorite
 this totally looks like a sick frog.
 Tomato in the rain
 the pool

 Ice cream!

 a different pool
 rain on the car

 I drew on myself with a sharpie and got in trouble

 I don't know who this is supposed to be...

I dyed my bangs pink!