November 8, 2010

Loooong post & photography tips...

Hello. I'm very cheerful/hyper/annoying today.

I had German class and that always makes me soooo happy because I love it! =D I told my teacher that she had a beautiful back accidentally...

We went hiking with our friends was at an *awesome* park where (sadly...) they were hunting with bows and arrows which I think is SO cruel because you need to be as good as Katniss at archery to not end up with a suffering animal.....just sad.
Anyway, it was FANTASTIC, so pretty....there was a walkway which was apparently supposed to float on a lake but it got messed up and all crooked (it looked like one of those freaky drawings where the stairs are on the ceiling and the side walk is all twisty) so it was closed, cation tape and everything. We went on it anyway. It was FUN.
I dropped out of Spanish. But...lets not talk about about...books! :] ( conversations usually end up at books. BOOKS ARE MY LIFE)

I've recently finished the Modern Faerie Tale books by Holly Black....They are officially my favorite books EVER. They're so dark. And I've always liked faerie tales. I just love the books. I *REALLY* (enough emphasis!?!?)like Corny and Luis. :3

I also finished Hunger Games 2 and it was awesome. I want Mockingjay SO BAD!!! Unfortunately, SOMEONE RUINED IT FOR ME!!! D': I'll still read it, because they're pretty darn good. I wish there was less ROMANCE!! I like a little but it has a ton.

I'm getting weird now...I'm always weird but more than usual.

So Anna asked me to post photography tips....I really don't think I'm good enough for people to want tips from me...I *HATE* feeling stuck up...arg.
Heres what I think about....

  • keep the rule of thirds in mind. It really does help.
  • Finding something interesting is good, but everything is interesting so it's hard.(following??)
  • I really like pictures of animals. So, take pictures of an animal. But take it from their level, even if it's a grass really makes it look better. Go to a pet store or zoo to get nice animal models.
  • look for pretty things. They're cool.

These must be the stupidest tips in the world...xD

So long and thanks for all the fish!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Great tips, by the way!


Samantha said...

Nice tips!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So,um may I ask how you teacher has a beautiful back..?

Alemrac said...

Go Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! :D