November 30, 2010


Does anyone want a header? I really like designing them. If you want one, comment and tell me: 

Your name
Your blog name and a link
button or header
What colors
What style(Cute, Scary, Christmas-y etc)

And I'll make it and blog it here! :D

(I made my header)


Hanna said...

My name is Hanna!
My blog name is: Journal of Notes and the link is:
I'd like something with lots of colours, mostly, blue, green, turquoise, red, yellow, purple and orange.
Colourful, bright, fun, happy...

Maddie said...

-Tiger Queenz:
-I dont know what you mean by this..I want some cool text. Any bright color. Maybe shiny, or sparkly, with like, swirly designs or something.
- Black, purple, bright turqiouse, white.
-Unique, interesting, cute, mysterious, (these are like, random..feels I want.) pretty. If possible, I want a cartoon picture of a white wolf with bright green eyes. A pretty one. If not, that's ok, just something I wanted.

Kira said...

Blog Name-Kira
Colors-green/blue/*light* pink/*light* purple/white/red

Anonymous said...

You should become a graphic designer.And that's an order, not a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

My name is Chloe, my blog is, I would like a header, red and black, and scary. Tanks!

Anonymous said...

jump for jess

something bright