January 2, 2011

I love being Homeschooled

What do you get when you mix:

New Microscope slides and lenses

 A crazy homeschooled girl who bleeds a lot and has a camera?


(Bonus: Mom reading LIW)
and a CONTEST!
 (Winner gets lifelong fame)
Guess what this is
 It's magnified 400x and you've (most likely) had it in your life.

Just something I noticed: fresh blood cells move really quick in rivers but after about 2 minutes they stop.


Kira said...

haha maybe its.... soap? haha im an idiot. :P i should ask my dad, he would probably know. oh, and try looking at a leaf under the microscope(if there are and leaves). if its freshly picked, you can see the cells!

Bluemoon Cat said...

Hmmm....blood? Sweat?

BlackBerry said...

Is that thing dirt?

Anonymous said...

Is it chicken pocks?