January 6, 2011

Hello. I'm hyper. :3

  • Today's my mom's birthday!!(happy birthday mom!)
  • I'm not at all sorry for the girlyness of the new layout. I feel girly(oh no!)
  • I bought a pink prom dress and a kimono with my Christmas money

Manitees are cheap at my movie theater.

I had a migraine yesterday. It's weird....everything looks like it's moving and changing colors and it's like having a blind spot all around you(you know how it sort of fills in? like that) and then a pounding headache that gets way worse if someone talks/breaths too loudly or if there's a light on. It sucks! Mom's had them since I was born though.

I'm going to bed now 



Anonymous said...

Instead of throwing up when I see something gross I almost black out. It looks like there's light everywhere and you can't see well. I haven't blacked out yet, but I get pretty close. Like when I saw a rooster being killed, or my finger got hit by the door slamming hard.


Bluemoon Cat said...

I fainted when I got too dehydrated just last week. >.<
Fainting isn't all that bad. (Blacking out, whatever you want to call it.) For me, it was kinda like I was sleeping really deeply and having a nice dream.
The layout isn't very overwhelming like it could be, so I think it's fine. :) Yay for the DSLR camera!!
And the chinchilla is amazingly cute.
And, (I don't think this is girly), I like kimonos.
Happy Birthday Toria's Mom! (I know your name, but I don't know if you would like me to use it online. :P)
By the way, Toria, your writing is hilarious.
-Blue Moon Cat

Kira said...

I'm sorry you had a migraine. :( And I love the penguin at the top of the page. I don't know what it is about me and penguins. I love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Bluemoon Cat: I call it blacking out because I think fainting makes me sound weak. >.>


Bluemoon Cat said...

Oh, alright. I don't think fainting sounds weak...sometimes, if you're sick or something, you can't really help not blacking out or fainting.