October 27, 2010


It's snowing here. I'm drinking a smoothie. I've gone raw, so no sugar. Also, you should vote for my name here.

What picture do you think I should enter? From the past few days.


My brother just kicked me in the eye.
What I look like:



Alemrac said...


Anonymous said...

K, multiple comments here:
~It's snowing there. I thought it was like nice and warm. Or maybe the weather has just changed drastically... Anyway, I'm jealous TT_TT
~I was just drinking a smoothie too. Well technically it was bubble tea/ smoothie. oh and why did you "go raw"?
~Oh sure. You're not cocky. At all. You're "loving and will do anything to make sure you come first instead of herself". Actually, the latter is true.
~ Oh and sorry bout you're eye. Which brother? And why did he kick a person like you who's loving and will do anything to make sure you come first instead of herself? Hmm.... Fell better soon!
~Sara -D

Anonymous said...

SNOWING?!?! JEALOUS! It's still warm enough here that I can wear skirts... kinda.


Anonymous said...

Snowing? still warm here. meh. I love snow, except I like it strictly in december. dont ask. october and november are warm-color month and cool-sock-and-boot-and-hat-and-sweater month for me.


BlackBerry said...

Snowing JELAOUS. PFF. SNOW PLEASE COME TO THE HOTTEST STATE IN THE US. October is like Shorts and tanktop month. Wow.