October 11, 2010


 a sunburn in the shape of my necklace
 meeeeeeee on a 100 dollar bill
 me scowling
 my necklace (the one in the first pic)
 lizard skin
 heart <3
 My mom
 me in a newsboy hat!


Maddie said...

I like da hat. ^^ and the kitty. and how the heck did you get yourself on a hundred dollar bill?

Anonymous said...

Cool pics! Your mom looks awesomely cool. You should be really nice to her.

Toria said...

Thanks maddie :) it was a app but I deleted it. It was called Lunapix.


Anonymous said...

Eeek! Love. Everything. I love hats.:)


Alemrac said...

Nice job on the photography, once again!
Question: How do you get a sunburn in October!?!?

ALMOST bought Shiver today, because they had one copy in a used bookstore, but I didn't have any money, and mom wouldn't buy it for me...(I offered to pay it back to her, but then I remembered that I already had spent all my money on other books, awhile back...:'( )

Toria said...

I worked 14 hours (total. two days) in the sun. I fell asleep on the lawn after the first day.

Alemrac said...

Oooooh, ouchies. >__<

BlackBerry said...

In the picture of you in the newsboy hat, you remind me of my best friend. She looks alot like you..or maybe it is that one picture. Sorry about the sunburn!!! 0uchies O.O

JBfan#1 said...

I love your blog Toria