April 25, 2010


My limericks!

There once was a young girl called Anna
She wanted to go to Montana
She whined and she groaned
She sobbed and she moaned
But next vacation, they went to see Nana!
We once had a cute dog called Spot.
And he loved when it got very hot
He could splash in the pond
(Of that he was fond)
But scuba dive, he could not.
One day when I had the flu
I didn't know what to do!
'Cause I coughed and I sneezed,
I sniffed and I wheezed,
but the doctor just said: "Oh, boo-hoo!"
There once was a lady called Fawn
Who woke up every morning at dawn
But at work she was tired
So the boss said "You're fired!!"
And all she could do was yawn!