May 25, 2011

Past few days

My dad is president of the city's museum and so we're in charge of keeping it clean, throwing the dead bats outside, etc etc etc.
So anyway, we've been volunteering a lot the past few days. Since they absolutely blast the lawn with chemicals(booo), there's a lot of 4-leaf clovers.
So far in the past 2 days, I've found 9 4-leaf clovers, a bunch of 5 and 6 leaf ones, and even...a seven leaf clover!
It's bad that they use so much chemicals but it's pretty awesome that there's so many mutants, right? Maybe I'm the only mutant lover. That would be sad.

Today we went grocery shopping which is eh, not so fun in itself but fun if you have awesomazingly fun parents it's tolerable. We also got tacos since mom has been shouting about "taco Tuesday" for a month now. Kinda weird but c'est la vie.

I also found a goose nest and found out that the kids in town are easily won over.

Then we did stuffy stuff for a while and then I chatted with the epic awesome gorge and fab etc Carmela for roughly 3 hours.
Next week(the 30th) I'm staying at her house!!!
I'll keep you updated.


Dreamer said...

Epicness ^^
I wish my dad was the president of a museum :D

Amd mutants ftw.

Dreamer said...

Oh, and even though mutants are epic, it's still sad about why they're here and the health defects they have ):

Annalee said...

Speaking of throwing out dead bats, there was one inside the museum!

Anonymous said...

I love you