April 20, 2011


  • I *was* doing screen free week but the painters are in and I'm too moody to continue.
  • I'm taking loads of NOH8 pictures. Yay gay rights!
  • I LOVE 80'S MUSIC!!!!
  • My birthday is in 10 days. NO ONE IS COMING EXCEPT ME!!! AAAAAK!
  • Alex just screamed "WHAT! I have 10 fingers!?!?!?!?!"
  • so you know how I have a red cell phone that was a quarter from an uber-rich girl? well I found my cell phone's number and called it and some lady screamed "WHO'S THERE!?" and I giggled and hung up.
  • http://geckoprincess.blogspot.com/
  • I'm thinking of starting a kid photographer blog...hmm

I'm out of things to say so I'll post pictures
A waterfall. 
No matter how old I get, I shall never tire of playing scream-and-throw-sticks-in-a-waterfall. Or Kick-the-concrete.

 Another good game is run outside in the rain and spit on stuff


Dreamer said...

I love the last one.:3

Toria said...

thanks Dreamer. :3

Anonymous said...

What is lost is lost.