December 1, 2010

~random pictures~

 Skull Boy
 Water drops
 Flower in the snow
 Christmas light
 Water drops......again
 Anna's eye
 DOG! =D
 Denim Jeans
 Gum wrapper....heh
 Moody boy
 The local theater
 helicopter seed
 This reminds me of Shiver

Hope you like them. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Those are all really neat! I love the water drops, theater and Christmas light pics!! Beautiful and creative! That's what I like!

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

You're an unnaturally good photographer -D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love your photography!


Anonymous said...

I love the photos, and the Skull Boy drawing is adorable. I hope you draw more. :)

BlackBerry said...

I ike them

Charlie Pulsipher said...

Nice. Always been a fan of gum wrappers and helicopter seed.