June 5, 2010


Hi. My computer is being mean and won't charge, so no pictures. I could blog, but I don't know what to talk about. I could just pick some random topic, but then you probably wouldn't want to read my blog anymore. But I will anyway...Hey! You should comment and say what I should write about! Well, My sister says "Cats!!" So, cats...

We have 4 cats. I'll write about them.

  • Sampson, male, a bit slow, fluffy, purrs a lot. We thought he was a girl, and he was my sweet Jinx. One day he rolled over and I actually screamed. It probably really scared everyone, including Sampson/Jinx.
  • Delilah, female, stinky, (:P) hunter, claws and bites a lot. Sister of Sampson. They (and Comet. Poor Comet. Someone STOLE him) were found in our garage. 
  • Pepper, male, HUGE, licks children while they sleep, fluffy, likes sitting on Dad.
  • Spirit, female, licks plastic bags, tape, toys, EVERYTHING. Sister of Pepper. 
So, yes. Those are our cats. I want a dog. Maybe. Oh, a lizard. That would be cool. A gecko. I'd name it Physix. XD Heheheh......

Aren't you glad I'm so good at staying on topic? :D Broken laptops to geckos in one post. 


I wish I was named Opossum. sigh.......


Magic and Mayhem said...

You are such a weirdo. ;) I love weirdos though!

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

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